Xayn is a private search engine that makes Chrome look like an anecdote

Privacy is important to Android users. This applies to both the operating system and the applications we use on the phone.

A browser or search engine that guarantees privacy is necessary, and luckily we have many options to which we can add a new search engine called Xayn.

Xayn is a search engine for Android that, in addition to its good design, is characterized by its privacy. This search engine tries to provide us with accurate and personalized searches thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, but without collecting our data in order to guarantee privacy at all times.

Private, with AI and good design

Data protection is the main weapon of Xayn, which guarantees that search queries according to European data protection standards are always private. The data always stays with the user and the user also has the option to block cookies or trackers to prevent tracking on the web. So you never have to worry about your data or that it will be misused.

Design is another highlight in this search engine that makes it easy to use. We found a home screen with news from various sources and topics, similar to a feed like Google Discover. We also have the search engine guide that is easy to search with, with a comfortable interface. In addition, they recommend terms when searching, the accuracy of which will improve as we do more research.

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Xayn uses Artificial Intelligence to get better results when searching the user. Using this search engine on Android will make the results more personalized, especially if you use slightly more general terms to better match what you’re looking for. If you want, you can turn off artificial intelligence on the main page.

This search engine also offers functions that make it particularly convenient to use, e.g. B. determining which results are relevant or not.

How to download Xayn on Android

Xayn is an application that is available for free on the Google Play Store. Additionally, we don’t have any ads or purchases of any kind. If you’re looking for a free and private search engine, this is a great option.