Oppo X 2021 appears in review videos. Upcoming release?

The Chinese tech giant and one of the BBK Group’s subsidiaries, OPPO, announced last year that it would be the world’s first scrollable smartphone, aptly known as OPPO X 2021. This is a “concept” device. The company says the product is more durable than you might think. Oppo even confirmed this with a durability test. It seems that the X will soon be marketed in 2021. OPPO gave some Youtubers some units of its concept smartphone. We just saw some OPPO X 2021 analysis videos.

The videos take a first look at the device in a real world setting and show us all the exterior parts of the front and rear design, as well as the scrolling mechanism and user interface. In one of the videos by French YouTuber Brandon LeProktor, the scrollable Oppo smartphone can be seen in all its glory with a spectacular and impressive appearance.

The video in French gives us an idea of ​​how the phone retracts and unfolds at the touch of a button. One aspect that would be of concern to many is adapting the user interface to the intuitive transition between the predicted and contracted form factor of the device. The video shows how the software changes work fine.

A second video from Youtuber Sami Tech Tips offers a hands-on overview of the device in English, although it may not be the best accent we hear. Youtuber answered some questions about Find X 2021, like the selfie camera and what happens if the user accidentally opens it in their pocket.

Interestingly, the Oppo X 2021 doesn’t have a selfie camera. Even more interesting is the discovery that if the screen is left unlocked in the pocket and the slide is accidentally triggered, the phone will open. In this situation, attempts will continue to be made to expand even if the space is not large enough. We believe this is still a work in progress and OPPO will change this so that the mechanism will retreat when it encounters an obstacle.

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You can find more information about the OPPO X 2021 in the two videos above.


Thursday January 2021

In OPPO’s DNA, we find the design, innovation and development of devices to meet expectations and meet consumers’ needs with more innovation and cutting edge technology. All with the aim of making technology easier for users and making their experience much more agile and simpler.


Thursday November 2020

In addition, OPPO brought three concept devices OPPO X 2021, OPPO AR Glass 2021 and CyberReal. After the conference, OPPO Research Institute Vice President and President Liu Chang, OPPO Research Institute Product Manager Wayne, and OPPO Hardware Architectural Engineer Jin Xiang were interviewed by the press. There were many questions to ask.


Wednesday November 2020

During the presentation of the same, the brand never mentioned any particularity regarding the presentation of their equipment.