iPhone 13 is finally not allowed to use a notch

Apple has used this design on every iPhone since the introduction of the iPhone X in 2017.

The hated notch design has been around for over three years. Apple has used this design on every iPhone since the introduction of the iPhone X in 2017. In order to increase the screen aspect ratio of the iPhone X as much as possible, Apple has removed recognition of the home button and fingerprint. Instead, the face recognition technology Face ID was adopted. Because of this, he had to open an area at the top of the screen to place the front lenses and other sensors for implementing Face ID. So the notch was born. However, as we prepare for the iPhone 13, Apple has a big decision to make.

Unsurprisingly, many users didn’t like the design of the carving. However, that hasn’t stopped a multitude of Android manufacturers from using this design. Since then, we’ve seen the development of the waterdrop design as well as a screen with holes for the front cameras.

The latest information indicates that Apple is testing the iPhone 13 prototype with no notch. If the test passes, the iPhone 13 and subsequent iPhones may not use a notch.

Well, with the pandemic that always requires users to wear a mask, facial recognition technology is not required. This is because users cannot use the Face ID feature with a mask.

Earlier information said the iPhone 13 will likely use fingerprint technology on the screen. This seems logical as the on-screen fingerprint sensor without facial recognition is the only alternative to biometric technology.

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But what happens to the front camera if the iPhone 13 doesn’t use a notch? There is no evidence that Apple has perfected the under-screen camera technology. There are also no reports of using an aperture or water drop screen design.

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s – what will it be?

There were doubts about the name of Apple’s next series. Will it be iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s? Analysts believe that Apple will abandon the “iPhone 13” because the number “13” is scary in many Western cultures. Technology manufacturers do this from time to time. Keep in mind that Qualcomm recently adopted the number “888” as its youngest FlagShip as it is a lucky number in China. There are reports that Apple prefers “iPhone 12s” over iPhone 13. In addition, with a smartphone, “s” generally refers to an update to the original version. Hence, Apple’s next FlagShip, when it is named the iPhone 12s, will just be an iPhone 12 update.

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