If you’re using Slack for Android, change the password. Now!

As we know, there is a wide variety of messaging applications for all areas. Slack is a favorite for professional communication. The developers of this application reported that they encountered a security issue that only affects the Android application. How was it possible Is it safe to use? And what I need to do?

Slack for Android didn’t save passwords properly, and that’s a problem

For the past few days, Slack has been alerting its users to password issues. If you didn’t receive the email or you ignored it but you are using the Android application, take a look as your password may have been compromised.

What happened? According to Slack, its Android application had a bug that resulted in the login information (username and password!) Being saved in plain text format. This bug had been in the application since December 21st. It was discovered on January 20, 2021 and fixed the next day, January 21, 2021.

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If you receive this email from Slack don’t ignore it Source: Android Police.

Although it is possible that nothing has happened to your password, it is possible that an application was able to access your username and password during this period. So Slack recommends changing the password. Simply go to Slack.com and in Account Settings to make the change.

If you have bad use of this password on other websites or applications, change it too (and avoid repeating passwords again).

Slack indicates that the application has been secure since it was updated. Although it is possible that the application has already been automatically updated, run it to update the application if the user has turned off automatic updates. In this case, it is advisable to update before changing the password so that you are not unlucky enough to change the password and become unusable.