Huawei files patent for electric vehicle technologies

The patent was published in China on February 12, 2021 under the publication number CN212529295U.

On April 14, 2020, Huawei filed a new patent for an electric vehicle motor. The patent was published in China on February 12, 2021 under the publication number CN212529295U. According to the information, the description shows that the set contains a motor controller which contains a compartment and a first functional unit which is arranged in the compartment and can generate heat during operation. The mechanism comprises a first circulation channel for cooling and the second circulation channel, which is connected to the first functional unit on the first external cooling surface, in order to ensure efficient heat conduction.

The first circulation channel has a second outer cooling surface and conducts heat with the inner surface of the housing to the second outer cooling surface. Electric vehicles equipped with this technology can make full use of the external cooling surface.


Improves heat dissipation efficiency Improves heat dissipation of the motor controller. Requires little space

In addition, the document also highlights ICT technology that automakers can use to build good cars and connect smart cars, as well as incremental component suppliers. “Huawei doesn’t make cars, but it does help auto companies build good cars,” Huawei rotating president Xu Zhijun said (publicly).

Previous information indicated that Huawei’s goal is to help traditional manufacturers develop better products using Huawei’s latest technologies.


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