Huawei announces the first European partner to integrate OpenHarmony into FOSDEM’21

This partnership is the first step towards future European collaborations and contributions in the context of Huawei’s OpenHarmony project.

Huawei recently announced its partnership with SECO, the world leader in the high-tech market, which will be one of the first European members to integrate Huawei’s OpenHarmony technology.

The announcement was made at FOSDEM’21, one of the largest European open source software events for developer communities, which took place online from February 6th to 7th. The aim of this partnership, which is part of the European project of the OpenHarmony operating system, is to promote and develop an open ecosystem from which an operating system could emerge that serves as the basis for future devices.

OpenHarmony is an ambitious project, the main components of which are the principles of open source, open governance and community work in its innovative strength. This new operating system is said to be a new way of designing and using consumer devices based on one assumption: to go beyond physical boundaries and concepts historically related to the capabilities of an operating system. It’s a new aspect of the Internet of Things (IoT) industry that aims to improve users’ daily lives and make it easier, simpler and more intuitive to provide an even smoother user experience.

FOSDEM provided the ideal opportunity to get a 360 ° view of Huawei’s OpenHarmony. In this case, it was possible not only to observe the most technical and legal aspects of this new operating system, but also to know the project for 2021 in terms of features, organizational development and mission from a business and user perspective.

Davide Ricci, Director of Huawei’s Open Source Technology Center, said: “Open source, open control and community sharing are at the heart of the OpenHarmony project. It is precisely from this need for openness and the exchange of knowledge and skills that our collaboration with SECO arose. We look forward to working closely with this partner and other European partners in due course to bring OpenHarmony to additional overseas markets. “

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Davide Catani, CTO of SECO added: “The OpenHarmony project is very ambitious because of its deeply innovative nature. In fact, it would be extremely reductive to simply define it as an operating system. OpenHarmony is end-user focused and offers an incredible experience Aimed at content creators and OEMs to provide security, choice and convenience to these three stakeholders, SECO has been designing and developing innovative products and services for OEMs for over forty years. We firmly believe that OpenHarmony is the support for our Europeans will change customers “.

Huawei’s Open Source Technology Center (OSTC) is the Europe-based technology center responsible for leading the OpenHarmony project to Europe and the rest of the world. OSTC is expanding its partnerships with communities, innovation centers and companies – both start-ups and public companies – to bring more local and global partners into the project.

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