How to Hide WhatsApp Photos in Gallery

Despite the recent problems with the new privacy policy, WhatsApp remains the most widely used messaging application in Portugal. It is common to get a large number of photos in the chats we have on the app. Some photos will then end up in the gallery of our Android smartphone. Although this is something that not all users like. If you know what I mean …

There are users who prefer to hide WhatsApp photos in the smartphone gallery. The good news is that there is an easy way to hide these photos, whether they are photos sent to us or from specific conversations.

Hide WhatsApp photos from the gallery

All the photos that we receive in the chats in the application are saved directly in the gallery of the phone. If you don’t want these photos to appear, stay hidden. There is an option in the application settings that enables this. It’s all about file visibility that allows you to hide photos directly from gallery on Android without deleting them from your smartphone. The steps to do this couldn’t be easier: open WhatsApp. Click the three vertical points. Go to Settings. Go to Conversations. Look for the option for file visibility. Deactivate this option.

Disabling this option will hide all photos from the application in the gallery. Usually they have a photo album dedicated to the photos sent in the messaging application in the gallery. In this case, this album will now be hidden. The photos are hidden but are still on the smartphone so they won’t be deleted and continue to take up space. If you want to see them again at a specific point in time, just re-enable the File Visibility option.

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Hide photos from a specific conversation

They may just want to hide the photos received in one or two specific WhatsApp chats. The application also has the option to hide only the photos that belong to a specific chat so that these photos are not displayed in the smartphone gallery. The steps in this case are different from the ones we followed in the previous section, but they also have no complications. Here’s what you should do:

Open WhatsApp on your phone. Find the chat in question. Enter this chat. Click the contact name or nickname (if it’s a group chat). Go to the Visibility of Multimedia Files section. Click on No.

With these steps, the photos of those specific chats will no longer appear in the phone’s gallery. As in the previous case, the photos will be hidden but not deleted. The fact that the photos are hidden does not save any space on the device as they are still saved and simply not visible.