How to do a security clearance in Chrome for Android

Google Chrome is the most widely used Android browser in Portugal. The Google browser is kept up to date with a variety of features, such as the new grouping of tabs.

This browser also has several features to protect user safety including the security auditing function.

This security check will check to see if there are any security issues with your account. This is a great way to make sure there aren’t any issues right in Google Chrome for Android. Hence, it is very useful for any user.

Learn how to do a security check in Google Chrome

The security review is responsible for analyzing three critical points that could pose a risk to our account: updates, passwords and safe browsing. The browser analyzes these three fields to determine any possible threat or security breach that has been detected in any of these fields. It’s a great way to spot problems and act on them. The steps to perform this test are:

Open Google Chrome on Android. Click the three vertical points. Go to Settings. Go to security clearance. Click the Check Now button. Wait for the scan to run. If this indicates that there is a security issue, please follow the steps given to resolve it (update your browser, change your password, or enable safe browsing).

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This security check is a new tool in the browser. However, it is a great help in protecting your account from potential security issues. This is a great way to tell if Google Chrome is up to date, if the passwords for your accounts are in danger or have been breached (usually it warns of those that repeat frequently and should change as soon as possible) or if they should be used safely to surf in the browser.

If you have any questions about the security of an account or are just curious about what this security check does, you can now try this new feature in the popular Android browser.