How to customize cover photo in playlists on Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming applications in the world. It is an application that is frequently updated with new features, such as: E.g. searching for music by text or collaborative playlists. Playlists are getting more and more resources, such as the ability to use a photo of us as a cover instead of the photo automatically generated in the application.

This function was already available in the desktop version of Spotify and can also be used in the Android version a few weeks ago. Thanks to this option, the user can personalize their playlists by choosing a photo to use as a cover. The way to do this is very simple.

Upload your own photos to Spotify playlists

When we create a playlist in Spotify, the application creates a cover image and selects the first four songs on this list from the album images. The streaming application is said to provide more customization options for users who can now choose the cover photo from this playlist.

It can be a photo that the user has on their phone or they can take a photo right now. So we have the photo we think is best. The steps to do this are:

Open Spotify. Click on Library. Go to the playlist whose photo you want to change. Click the button in the top three buttons. Select Edit Playlist. Click Change Picture. Choose whether you want to take a photo from the gallery or a photo. When you select the gallery, find the photo that you want to use. Once the photo is selected, click Use Photo. If you want to do this with other playlists, repeat the process.

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This ability to change the playlists cover photo is a good option to customize in the application. Also, because each playlist contains a different photo, it is easier to distinguish between them. This also helps in making the application easier to use on Android and always finding the list you want.

The feature is now available on Spotify for Android. You can install the latest version of the app directly from the Play Store.