How to control the volume of each application individually on your Samsung smartphone

Customization is something that users with Samsung smartphones in Portugal and the rest of the world appreciate. Samsung has offered many options for customizing all kinds of aspects of your phone, especially since the introduction of Good Lock. Thanks to this branding application, we can manage all kinds of aspects such as: B. the volume.

Sound Assistant is one of the modules that we can install on Good Lock. These modules allow you to customize everything that has to do with the sound and volume of your Samsung smartphone. One of the features in this module is the ability to control the volume of each application individually.

Control the volume of any application on your Samsung smartphone

The ability to individually control and change the volume of each application on the phone is a good feature as everyone should agree. If the videos playing on Instagram are loud but you generally don’t want to turn down the phone volume, you can configure Instagram’s volume controls individually. This way, the user can only apply volume changes to that particular application on their phone.

Samsung’s Sound Assistant allows you to do this with the applications you want on your smartphone, so that the user can individually control different applications, especially those that the user uses most and thinks that these devices are the devices most need. The following steps must be taken into account:

Download the sound wizard from this link. Once installed, open this module / application on your Samsung phone. Go to the Volumes section of each application. Click the + button. Select the application or applications you want from the list. Click the Add button.

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After you have selected the relevant applications, you can individually control the volume of these applications directly in this sound wizard. Changes to the volume of these applications on your Samsung smartphone via Sound Assistant will only be applied to the application and will not affect the volume of the phone.

If you change your mind and want to remove an application from this list, you can do so in the same section. Just click on the delete option and select the application you want to delete from this list. This way, the user will no longer be able to individually control the volume of this application until they add it again.