Here’s what you can expect from Google Meet this year

Google Meet was one of the 2020 apps that will be free for everyone through March after Google extended that period. The company wants this application to remain one of the benchmark applications for video calling and is now introducing a number of features to differentiate itself from the competition.

Google Meet has already introduced features like noise reduction and live subtitles. The application now offers us improvements mainly aimed at education, such as: B. Reactions with emojis, more control instruments or the automatic transcription of meetings. Therefore, it will continue to improve this year.

These are Google Meet’s improvements for 2021

One of the major new features of Google Meet is Emojis Reactions, which will be available later this year. Users participating in a video call can send a reaction with an emoji so that the rest of the participants can see it, but without the distraction. In addition, call amhotrions can decide when responses can be sent.

The application is clearly geared towards the educational environment this year, with many of its functions directed towards this area. There are a number of control tools available to teachers to manage these video calls. Among the functions we find:

Simply mute everyone in the meeting. Control when students can reactivate microphones. Access moderation tools in all versions of the app (Android, iOS and desktop). Share your smartphone screen. Control who receives a call from a school. Automatic transcription of the meeting that teachers and educators receive at the end of the meeting. The content can then be shared with other users who did not attend the meeting.

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Google Meet also tries to improve the quality of video calls over weak calls. The platform is expected to be updated in the coming months for better performance even on low bandwidth connections. It also works best on Chromebooks with various improvements in terms of performance, audio, and video.

All of these improvements will be available in all versions throughout the year, although the date has not yet been confirmed. These updates to Google Meet will be rolled out gradually over the next few months.