Have you seen the surface of Mars in color and in high resolution?

Last week the NASA Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars. An achievement that was the icing on the cake for the NASA team that worked on the mission for years and that was completed autonomously from millions of kilometers from Earth. The rover has already sent some photos showing where it is and how it is.

If NASA Perseverance continues to surprise you, it was its ability to make a complex yet successful landing. Hundreds of millions of kilometers from Earth, NASA simply cannot control the rover directly; it can control every command or signal it receives. It takes eleven minutes to receive and process. The descent to the surface of Mars is a seven-minute torment in which the Earth engineering team has no idea what is happening and just hopes everything will go well.

Went well. The rover made the landing completely autonomous and without any problems. This was thanks in part to NASA’s sophisticated Sky Crane system, a 16-propeller device that gently suspended the rover for landing.

In an image shared by NASA, we see the spectacular descent from the Sky Crane showing NASA perseverance:

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On the other hand, a photo taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter allows the rover to parachute down into the crater:

On Martian soil

As soon as the spaceship landed, it sent a small, blurred image for confirmation. It wasn’t a big deal, but enough to confirm that everything was okay. Hours later, with some calm, the rover devoted itself to taking better pictures and sending them to Earth.

Perseverance is a sizeable rover equipped with high-precision instruments and scientific tools to collect samples from Mars. But it also has a total of 19 cameras and two microphones to capture all possible information from the environment. One of these cameras sent a photo where we can see one of the rover’s wheels and part of the rocky floor of Mars:

On another of these photos we can see the vast Mars horizon in high resolution and color. On the ground you can also see the rover’s shadow and in the background some of the valleys surrounding the crater the rover is now in:

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