Google offers tips for a special Valentine’s Day

In the middle of a pandemic, showing love, that we love and are loved, has never been more important.

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner! In the middle of a pandemic, showing love, that we love and are loved, has never been more important. And if you leave it until the last minute, Google can help you on this “adventure” and help you surprise your significant other. Ready?

If you’re busy and can’t stop to do a search, sit on your phone and ask the Google Assistant for help: “Okay, Google, last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts”. This is always a good starting point for finding the ideal gift. Now look for the one that best suits your tastes and budget – and you can still give preference to local businesses.

Already found? Given the limitation, it is not always possible to physically purchase the gift in the store! If you don’t want to shop online or it’s not in time, check if the store with this gift has a delivery system adapted for the pandemic. Google Maps now has a new Collect Abroad feature, which shows which stores are promoting these delivery options. Even for restaurants, if the option falls on this restaurant, which is so special that it has a special Valentine’s Day menu to take away.

If you can’t find anything to fill your eye, don’t despair: nothing is lost. It takes little time and inspiration to save Valentine’s Day. YouTube can help and be the perfect ally. Just look for DIY Valentine’s Day. In Portuguese or English, you can find thousands of suggestions on how to make a gift with your own hands. In this you will find original and simple ideas. Alternatively, you can also take the help of a chef and surprise your loved ones with a special menu. This is just an example of something simple, but you can find thousands of videos with different ideas. Everything just a click away.

If the search for that last minute gift wasn’t productive enough, you won’t want to dare to make the gift with your own hands and you won’t be comfortable in the kitchen. Do not despair. Google still has some trump cards up its sleeve because the most important thing is the gesture. Just go back to the search engine and get inspired by finding the perfect love phrase.

You can also have fun on Valentine’s Day and show your loved ones which work of art they like best when you discover the “artistic match” and learn more about art and culture. Just go to Google Arts & Culture and use a photo of him or her in Art Selfie and show it off. The fun is guaranteed. Google Arts & Culture brings together millions and millions of artworks from museums around the world – from the most famous to the smallest.

As a curiosity, in the graph below you can see the evolution of the interest in finding Valentine’s Day in Portugal year after year.

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House of Food, “+ 2.850%”

Valentine’s Day Menus 2021, + 300%

Valentine’s Day Designs + 250%

Valentine’s Day poems, + 250%

Valentine’s Day recipes, + 200%

Valentine’s Day recipes, + 200%

Valentine’s Day menu, + 200%

Valentine’s Day pictures, + 200%

Valentine’s Day dinner, + 190%

Valentine’s Day, + 170%

Valentines, + 160%

Valentine’s Day poems, + 150%

Valentine’s Day dessert, + 150%

Valentine’s Day, + 150%

Valentine’s Day cake, + 130%

Valentine’s Day cake, + 130%

Valentine’s Day brunch, + 130%

Valentine’s Day postcards, + 130%

Valentine’s Day desserts, + 130%

Valentine’s Day menu 2021, + 120%

Continent on Valentine’s Day, + 120%

Valentine’s Day Restaurant, + 120%

Valentine’s Day lunch, + 110%

Pandora Valentine’s Day Ring + 110%

Valentine’s Day ideas, + 80%

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