Google is testing a new settings interface in the Play Store

The Google Play Store recently introduced some changes such as: B. Download trends. Google continues to work on improving its App Store, this time with the design of its settings. The company is testing a new user interface in its store settings on Android.

This new Google Play Store settings interface reduces the number of items on the screen, making it easier to use. Initial testing has already begun but it is unknown if this will be the final design that will reach some users.

This also applies to the new settings in the Google Play Store

When opening the new settings in the Google Play Store we find four categories: General, User, Family and Info. The “Family” section is a new section where we can find features like the familiar parental controls as well as a new guide with tips for parents on how to use the business, called the “Parents Guide”. Functions are already known in each section, they are only grouped.

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Under each category there are sections or functions to make it easier to navigate within these settings. The idea is that with fewer items on the screen, it helps to have a cleaner user interface which can make it easier to use these settings on the Android App Store.

The first images of these revised Google Play Store configurations clearly show that Google is testing this new design. However, it is unknown whether or not the company plans to launch it on the App Store in the future.

This layout cannot be activated manually. Google is currently only starting the update for a few users.