Google is stepping up its bet on education

Below are some of the key highlights featured at the Learn with Google event. You can also find more information on the official Google Blog:

Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education, formerly known as G Suite for Education, is aligned with the Google Workspace product announced in October and reflects our commitment to bringing the best of Google to Education. To meet the different needs of institutions around the world, it will be available in four instead of two editions.

Over 50 New Features in Classroom, Meet and Chrome – Here are a few:

Offline classrooms for students with limited internet connections, monitoring of student engagement with educators to better understand their class, improvements in photo creation, attachments and uploads for mobile users, and improved sync lists of photos, attachments and uploads for mobile device users

New administrative controls on Google Meet over who can attend meetings, the option to end the meeting for everyone, meeting minutes, and the ability to mute everyone at the same time (and decide whether or not students can turn the sound back on).

Students can also express themselves through emoji reactions at Meet.

40 new Chromebooks for education and 500 new policies in the Admin Console to manage and optimize Chromebook groups. A screen recording tool built into Chrome OS is also available, which enables teachers and students to capture instructions in real time in the classroom and at home.

Growth metrics:

170 million students and educators worldwide use Google Workspace for Education to create, collaborate and communicate (140 million users in June 2020).

Google Classroom now serves more than 150 million students, publishers, and principals worldwide. (40 million a year ago.)

Chromebooks are the world’s number one device on EDU K-12 for the second quarter in a row, according to Futuresource.

In addition, Google launches “Learning with Google Arts & Culture” – a special portal for teachers, parents and students that brings together stories, knowledge and treasures from 2,000 cultural institutions as well as interactive tools such as augmented reality and machine learning to help make learning more engaging, fun and to make it more exciting.

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This portal contains downloadable lesson plans created by education professionals, covering topics such as dinosaurs, space exploration, black history and culture, and Hispanic heritage. Would you like to learn more about the Big Bang? Immerse yourself in physics and find out what’s going on at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) – or take a look in 3D at prehistoric animals and NASA’s latest Mars rover endurance. Do you need a fresh approach to an art class? Introduce your students to Frida Kahlo by visiting her studio, or Lee Ungno by expanding their masterpieces into high definition and artistic movements like Impressionism or the Harlem Renaissance.

Learning with Google Arts & Culture covers a wide range of subjects including history, computers, music, literature, chemistry, biology and natural history, and geography. Many interactive tools help to make learning more exciting, fun and exciting.