Google Android 12: Latest News, Features, and Release Date

Android 12 is based on the Linux kernel and other source software for touchscreen devices.

Android is the world’s most popular smartphone operating system. It is based on the Linux kernel and other source software for touchscreen devices. So far, Google has released 11 versions of Android with various improvements and system functions. In September 2020, Google officially introduced the eleventh major version of its Android operating system. Android 11 included additions like chat bubbles, redesigned notifications, smart home controls, current app screens, privacy controls, single app permissions, and much more. Because Google releases new versions of Android from September to October every year. The time is right to start the discussion about the future Android 12 and get the latest news, news, and more. Before the official launch, features, changes, leaks and screenshots will be online on Android 12.

This particular article will provide you with the quickest glimpse into the Android 12 release date and latest news.

In this article you will find:

Android 12 beta and stable (expected) release schedule:

With the Android 12 Developer Preview, developers can begin migrating the platform and begin customizing their applications. The first appearance is expected to appear in mid-February 2021 and further previews in March, April and May. The beta releases arrive after the developer releases, and Android 12 beta won’t be released until later. The first version is planned for May or June of this year.

Android 12 stable version:

After the beta versions, the final version can take place from July to August 2021. The stable version means that the Android 12 SDK (NDK APIs) is ready.

Android 12 release date:

Google has not officially confirmed the release date of Android 12. After the release of information and news, it is expected to appear in the third quarter (Q3) 2021.

Android 12 features (expected):

Based on the information available, Android 12 is likely to bring new improvements and changes to the following features:

Improved user interface New display always on Best data protection setting Extended screenshots Bubble animations Multitasking game mode with split screen

Android 12 can also bring messages into the UI that may be provided by the Material NEXT library. The first images from XDAdevelopers show that the company has made some changes to the user interface in the “User Interface” section of the notification panel, home screen, lock screen, privacy settings, Google camera application and more.

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