Do you know how to access your Instagram profile change history?

Instagram is one of the most used applications in Portugal. There are users who have had a profile on the social network for years, and as usual, Instagram has made changes and introduced more features over time.

Our own profile for social networks has also changed over time. Today we’re going to show you where to see these changes.

This is not the history of started sessions, a very useful security tool on Instagram. In this case it is the history of changes. In this history, you can see changes that your profile has seen over time.

View the change history on your Instagram profile

This change history records changes that the user has made to their username, personal name, or profile description over time. It’s a great way to group all of your changes in one place and allow them to go back to a definition if they later regret a change.

You can access this data at any time. The steps to access are:

Open Instagram on your Android smartphone. Click your profile photo in the lower right. In your profile, click on the icon with the three horizontal stripes in the upper right corner. Go to Settings. Security. Click Access Credentials. Click the section that you want to view.

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In the profile information, we can see the changes made over time to the username, full names, texts in the biography, as well as the links that we have included in our biography on the social network. If you want to restore a few or are curious about the changes over time, just open each one to see them.

Instagram has registered all of these changes that are easy to access. A good help if you want a profile description that you want to use again in the application.

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