Apple and Samsung were absolute leaders in semiconductor purchases in 2020

Tech giant Apple maintained its position as the leading buyer of semiconductor chips in 2020, according to the latest report released by Gartner

According to the latest report released by Gartner, tech giant Apple maintained its position as the No. 1 buyer of semiconductor chips in 2020, representing about 11.9% of the total global market.

Samsung Electronics, based in South Korea, ranked second in 2020 with a market share of 8.1%, representing a 20.4% growth over the previous year.

Huawei – the Chinese giant currently the target of several US-imposed trade restrictions, ranked third with a 4.2% market share. However, it saw a decline of more than 23.5% from its market share last year.

The report adds that the top 10 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) increased their semiconductor spending by 10% in 2020 and represented 42% of the total market, up from 40.9% in 2019. Plus the top 10 largest companies in 2020 remained the same as in 2019.

It is further said that Apple managed to maintain its top position largely due to the continued success of AirPods, the particular demand for Mac and iPad devices, and the increase in naND flash consumption.

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As for Samsung, the report said that weaker competition from Huawei and strong demand for solid state drives (SSD) for data centers are the driving force behind its growth. Xiaomi saw the biggest growth at 26%, mainly because it was the least affected by sales due to its strong online presence.

In related news, Apple has partnered with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing to develop micro-OLED displays that the brand plans to use in their next augmented reality (AR) equipment, Nikkei Asia, on Wednesday, February 10th.

Apple will be working with TSMC, the only iPhone chipset supplier, because micro OLED screens are much thinner, smaller and more energy efficient, making them better suited for use in augmented reality wearables, such as smartphones and tablets. B. for the much discussed future brand of augmented reality glasses is developing.

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