Android 12 can customize the system color to match your wallpaper

This week we talked about the first preview of the Android 12 Programmer, a version under development that should be stable for Pixel devices and soon after for the other compatible Android smartphones by the end of summer.

Yes, we already started to know the first specifics of this version in the tests, but there is still a lot to reveal in features that are not yet present or are still under development, such as: B. a new adjustment mechanism.

Android 12 hides a dynamic theme that changes the color of the system

While we’ve already started testing some of the new features in Android 12, there are some features that haven’t been implemented in this first developer preview. These features include an advanced customization engine introduced by kdrag0n, a programmer known for the ProtonAOSP ROM on Pixel mobile devices.

I managed to get the new wallpaper-based theming system Monet for Android 12 DP1 working. Here are some examples of predominantly purple and orange wallpapers:

– kdrag0n (@ kdrag0n) February 20, 2021

This programmer found a function in the code that dynamically changes the system’s color theme. The color theme of the background image is taken into account. Depending on the selected background image, this function analyzes the color of the background image to determine the predominant colors and to change the color of the system menus.

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The way this feature works is similar to that of Theme Park, Samsung’s Good Lock module which allows us to create a color theme for the system based on our background image. This feature is one of my personal favorites on a user interface.

Does this design feature come with Android 12?

Although the Android code itself is included, we can assume that this type of personalization feature will sometimes take time to officially reach most smartphones as radical design changes are often buggy and Google will only distribute them to everyone if you are sure they are working properly so they may not be ready for final publication.