Active noise cancellation (ANC): everything you need to know

ANC is the most popular type of noise cancellation and was mainly used in headphones.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a process that eliminates unwanted audio, identifies unwanted sound waves, and creates inverted signals to neutralize the original sound, thus reducing the background noise that disturbs our sound moments. ANC is the most popular type of noise cancellation and was mainly used in headphones. This technology has gotten so small and battery efficient that it can now be used in wireless in-ear headphones. The system is based on microphones that “hear” sounds outside and inside the headset. An ANC chipset inverts sound waves and a loudspeaker in the headset suppresses external noise by neutralizing sound waves.

Huawei has launched a range of wearables that are equipped with active noise cancellation technology and offer optimal noise canceling performance. The product listing includes: Huawei FreeBuds Pro, which offers the best noise cancellation performance in any Huawei audio product with an industry leading noise cancellation rating of 40dB.

ANC modes (Active Noise Cancellation):
Intelligent dynamic mode: headphones automatically adjust the corresponding noise reduction mode according to the external noise.
Cozy Mode: In a quiet environment like a library, this feature helps reduce noise from air conditioners, computers and other machines to create a comfortable and natural environment.
Standard Mode: If the user is on the street or in a coffee shop and wants to get away from the noise and immerse themselves in music and games, this is the perfect mode for an enhanced experience.
Ultra Mode: During a flight or a subway ride, this function effectively reduces strong low-frequency noise and allows you to enjoy peace and quiet.

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